Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New York City

New York City from Tom Wilson on Vimeo.


Linda said...

Awesome, as always!

Tom, you once posted a hilarious Spike Jones video (maybe a couple years ago). I was looking for that in your achives but couldn't find it. Do you happen to have the link to it? I wanted to show it to someone who was a Spike Jones fan back in the day.


Mike Overall said...

Well good times in NY! That guy that looked like Peter Scolari was a dead ringer! You should introduce him to the real Peter Scolari.

If yu ever have a minute check out my site. Some funny things on there.

Tom Wilson said...

That was Peter Scolari.

Sean McManus said...

Great video, thanks, that brought back some nice memories from my own trip to New York.

jeff arnold said...

great video, NYC is awesome.

I hope to see you in one of your standup shows!

Just a quick question Tom, do you have any upcoming movie projects coming up?

Its quite mind boggling how none of the big movie directors these days are using your talents in their movies, quite frankly, im not happy!

You put Eddie murphy to shame when it comes to creating multiple characters!

Jay-No said...

Hahaha. "JUMMP!" I Loved it.

Conduct Happiness said...

Moonstruck. My favorite.

Eyz said...

Awesome tour of NYC!
Even without knowing NY or been there personally, it was a nice to check out the place.
Love your puppet XD

Awesome video!